For your Quotations and Bookings you have to provide information of your goods. More details here ⬇️

For the processing of your shipments we need shipment data, such as length, width and height as well as the weight. The part of the request body to provide this information for /quotation and /order looks like this:

    "lines": [
            "unitQuantity": 1,
            "unitPackageType": "EP",
            "unitLength": 120,
            "unitWidth": 80,
            "unitHeight": 120,
            "unitWeight": 250,
            "content": "Fork lift accessories and battery",
            "isStackable": true,
            "wantsPalletExchange": true,

The fields unitQuantity, unitPackageType, unitLength, unitWidth, unitHeight, unitWeight and content are mandatory.

The dimensions must be sent in centimeters, the weight in kilograms.

The fields "isStackable" & "wantsPalletExchange" are not mandatory, but should be filled if possible. This has a positive impact on billing.

Here you can find a list of the most common unitPackageTypes:

  • "EP" - one way pallet
  • "FP" - euro pallet 120x80
  • "GB" - euro box pallet 123x84
  • "KI" - wooden crate
  • "KT" - carton
  • "PA" - package
  • "CC" - collico