For your Quotations and Bookings you have to select the correct product / shipment type. More details here ⬇️

To make a price request or place an order the field product is a mandatory field.
Cargoboard offers its customers a total of 4 products (STANDARD, EXPRESS, FIX and DIRECT), two of the products can be further limited with 4 time options (EXPRESS and FIX).

The following values can be specified in the field product:

  • EXPRESS_10
  • EXPRESS_12
  • EXPRESS_16
  • FIX_8
  • FIX_10
  • FIX_12
  • FIX_16

So what is the meaning of each field?

STANDARD: The standard product is the cheapest shipping method and the shipments are delivered in the regular lead time.

EXPRESS: The Express product is the fastest shipping method in our groupage network and the shipments are delivered with priority. For example, shipments within Germany are delivered within 24h with the express product.
The Express product can be combined with specific delivery times. For example, Express_10 means delivery between 08 - 10 am. Express_12 means a delivery between 08 - 12 o'clock and Express_16 is the normal Express and means a delivery until 16 o'clock.

FIX: For the FIX product, you can specify a specific delivery day. You can determine the delivery day with the "deliveryOn" field in the "Consignee".
As with the Express product, the Fix product can also be combined with other time products. Default is the FIX_16 product.

DIRECT: The product "DIRECT" is a special service and suitable for very time-critical or sensitive goods. With direct transport, the goods are transported directly from the sender to the consignee without reloading or additional loading. This also makes it the most expensive product.