Our API offers possibility to filter, order and paginate the returned data. This is done via parameters in query string.


A response of listing endpoints could include up to 50 results per request. To control how much results are included the take parameter could be used (Amount have to be between 1 and 50).

To access more results the pagination have to be used. The cursor parameter allows to change the pagination.

If pagination is available the nextand previous values could be found inside the response.

Example: ../orders?take=50&cursor=150

To get the total count of all available results the total parameter could be added.

Example: ../orders?total=true


The orderBy parameter is offered to change the sort of your response. This could be ascending or descending.

Ordering descending requires to add a trailing minus (orderBy=-sequence) in front of the field to order by

Example: ../orders?orderBy=sequence or ../orders?orderBy=-sequence.


It is possible to filter the data with the call which is made. For filtering the filter parameter is used.

All ressource allows filtering with different fields and operators.

Possible filter operators are:

!=Not equals
<=Less than or equals
<Less than
>=Greater than or equals
>Greater than

Availability of operators depends on the type of field.

By adding filterOperator=ANDor filterOperator=ORto the request you can control how filters are applied logical to each other.

To add a OR filtering on a particular field the pipe symbol (|) could be used.